“This was my first time on the water with a boat! I had chances to do things I had never done before. All of these experiences were the best of my youth. I’ve experienced all of this with such exhilaration, this is the best summer so far!” -Camerya


“My son, Benjamin just finished up this camp last week.  I wasn't quite sure how he was going to like it but he really did.  He also came home with a ton of extra knowledge after visiting the Whaling Museum as well as a trip to the waterfront.  He was telling his younger brother all about it and I was happy that not only did he get some exercise bike-riding, but also gained a bit of extra knowledge.” -Christine Pacheco, Parent


“[Y.O.U.] is a great summer program for kids. They helped my son ride a bike in a day and half last summer and they do all kinds of different activities with kids, even if it’s just for a week or all summer long. God bless them.” -Deano, Parent


“The [Y.O.U.] staff possess this magical mixture of skills and knowing when to allow safe risk taking and intervene when necessary.  They all were able to tap into EACH child's natural curiosity with out singling out any particular child. EACH child felt like they belonged to the group. (As we all know this is a basic need of all humans)   This is what YOU has always done so well and will continue to do! The impact of these experiences are very difficult to measure but truly have a lasting impact -- Phillip wants to be a counselor at YOU. I am so grateful as a parent, community member, educator and human." -Doreen Lopes, Phillip's Mom