Victory Park Children's Garden


It is not just the crops that are growing on our farm! The garden, orchard and berry patch never cease to inspire our program participants and visitors. The garden is a place where our youth get the opportunity and guidance needed to develop their own connection with the rhythms of nature and a taste of the rewards of local agriculture.

The Victory Park Children’s Garden is a public resource that we use as a launchpad for individuals to experience gardening. The garden maintenance responsibilities are carried out by our youth, staff, and volunteers. Y.O.U. structures its gardening program as a means to practice the skills students often learn at school, as well as to foster a strong work ethic.


Our youth are encouraged to take home the fruits of their labor to share with their families and friends. If you are interested, please inquire about the joys of our Food for Thought cooking program, where we teach youth how to prepare these natural treasures as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Our youth begin garden work during our Spring Adventure Series. This is the preliminary work required to ‘wake up’ the garden from a long winter, along with planting spring crops like carrots and mixed greens. During our Summer Adventure Series, the youth get to visit the garden and take part in summer crop planting, maintenance, and harvesting.

Much of what needs to be learned in life can be discovered and taught in a garden…come check ours out!