Food for Thought


At Y.O.U., something is always cooking! This experience is a response to an often-voiced interest of our youth throughout the years.  Young people often find themselves home alone after school, caring for younger children, or even wanting to surprise their families with a recipe of their own.  In Food for Thought, we help kids to acquire cooking skills and an appreciation of healthy foods, through hands-on workshops at the Dartmouth Grange.

Though only 15 minutes from New Bedford, “The Grange” is a world away! At The Grange, every recipe is an opportunity for discovery, from new favorite dishes to surprising cultural connections.  As we explore exciting recipes, we learn about the journey of food from soil to plate.  In the colder months, we stick to the kitchen, preparing interesting but replicable dishes like homemade pasta and black bean brownies.  On warmer days we might venture next door to Alderbrook Farm to visit “Rock” the Goose and gather ourselves some free-range eggs.

Talented and generous Guest Chefs from local restaurants and the culinary arts community add to the excitement of this very popular program!

Schedule: February – April