We see kids broadening their perspectives.
Our Vision is expanding their outlook.

"I want to look at this view again because I've only seen pictures like this in books" Leo, age 11

"I had a wonderful time biking, exploring, and swimming. We have done many exciting things here and learned so much about the world around me" Carlos, age 11

"Jake taught me how to float on my back. I can still taste the salt water. I wish I could stay at Trips for Kids for the rest of my life. In fact, when I’m older, I’m going to become a staff” Efran, age 12

"When I ride my bike I feel like I am flying"  Trent, age 10

"It's worth a visit rather than a phone call" Liz Isherwood, on behalf of SouthCoast Health

I just had the best two weeks of my life” Yesenia, age 10

"I did all this stuff I never did in my life" Mickey, age 11

I feel so free on that bike!”  Elena, age 11

"This week has been one of my favorite weeks of all times!" Matthew, age 13

“I hope you folks continue this program. I see how excited the kids are and I hear what they are saying. They can’t wait to get here!” Maggie, Bus Driver

“This is the funnest, safest place to be. It’s like being an explorer” Jason, age 10

“I’m so glad I get to come here and ride. It keeps me busy and I feel great. If I
wasn’t here, I’d be watching TV”
Jordan, age 12

“I’m really upset that my session here is almost over. I’m looking forward to coming back. This is the best program I ever went to. I want to keep coming for more weeks. In fact, I want to keep coming for more years” Myles, age 12

“Thank you for all that you do for my children. They really love coming here and I’m glad they get help with their homework” Parent

“Friendships are so important for kids. Unfortunately, in David’s neighborhood, there are no kids his age. Through Trips for Kids, he was able to make some new friends and I’m grateful for that.”
Alicia, David’s Aunt

“Thanks so much for all your time and efforts with the children. You have been wonderful
role models.”

“I think doing math on beach rocks is really cool”. Jon-Paul, age 11