Wilderness First Aid

The Greater New Bedford area is our adventure-packed domain, and after a two day certification course in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) our staff are fully prepared for whatever situation may come our way.  While Youth Opportunities Unlimited has a commitment to prevention, prevention, prevention, we want our staff to be as well trained as possible.  We are sure that our youth’s “grown-ups” will feel safer too knowing that, should an unexpected emergency arise, our staff have learned the protocols to manage and address the situation.  Safety, fun, and education...in that order; that is the Y.O.U. way!

The course that our eager staff attended was SOLO Wilderness First Aid sponsored by Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures (long-time friends of Y.O.U.!) and held at the beautiful Lloyd Center for the Environment in South Dartmouth, MA.  Through bouts of rain and a chilly wind Chance and Carissa learned the ins-and-outs of WFA, from assessing an injury for likelihood of spinal impact to treating dehydration. The hands on course focused on role play and critical thinking, assuring that participants will have the preparation to think on their feet in real time situations.


Upon completion of the course our two staff participants were awarded their SOLO Wilderness First Aid certificates, and proceeded to share their new found knowledge with the rest of the Y.O.U. team.  Safety, fun and education aren’t just for our youth!  Learning is a constant goal for everyone at Y.O.U., as is team work.  Now that these new skills have been absorbed and shared what we most hope is that we never have to use them. :)